Back in the early 70's there was an effort to make people more aware of the ever-growing number of animals on the endangered species list. Revell created an exciting series of kits in 1974 that helped to bring awareness to this cause. A portion of the profits from these kits would go to the World Wildlife Fund.

A special Endangered Species set of plastic model kits were offered that included  the White Rhino, Mountain Gorilla, Komodo Dragon, California Condor, Black Panther and Polar Bear. Revell printed the word "DANGER" in the word "ENDANGERED" in bold red color to excite the buyer.

Here is a copy of the original ad that advertised the series.

Here are what some of the original kit box art looked like:

Not pictured is the 1974 Polar Bear.

Below are a few of the 1991 re-issues that were produced from Revell-Germany. The directions on these kits were printed in German and they include a poster of a water color Gorilla family with pictures of all the kits in build-up form.

Revell even had an Endangered Animal Contest in 1974 where you could win an African Safari. Here is a store display that was used to promote the contest.


I finally have found all of these great kits.

I've found the 1974 White Rhino, 1974 California Condor, 1991 Mountain Gorilla, 1974 Black Panther, 1991 Polar Bear and the 1991 Komoda Dragon. 

I plan to build all of these great kits.

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